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DrPurves.online is the place to start your journey out of mental health problems and into The Good Times . Active Self Help videos, tools and resources created by Dr Purves take you on the full journey.  Many are free for you to use. Just jump in. You get access to a world of life-changing tools. There are real solutions to psychological problems.

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Learn how your brain tricks you into thinking and doing all sorts of weird and unhelpful stuff. And you know what...you're completely unaware it's doing it.  This e-book alone has enough information to change your emotions for good.

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Make worry a thing of the past

Excessive worry is like putting your mind in a washing machine. It stops then starts again. The truth is: worry is just a psychological process that you have started but don't know how to stop.  Let me show, through this short FREE  course how to gain control over worry; reduce it then stop it all together.

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The Panic Pit Stop Course

If you really want to delete panic and anxiety from your life then use the Panic Pit Stop Course. The first week is FREE so you can check it out. Unsubscribe at any time. With over 100 videos and other resources it is the tool to use if you are serious about being panic and anxiety free.

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Insights From The Clinic

This video series delves into the deeper insights gained from more than 25 years in clinical practice, And over 30 years as a psychologist. The simple yet powerful insights give yo u a place to start when you want to change your life for the better.

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The Mindfulness Journey

An audio and video series that helps you bring Mindfulness into your life. A resource you can use every day.

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"Thank you, David. I love the logic and strategic approach to your program. "If you were under real threat you'd be defending your life - you'd be running away." So logical! No other psychologist (or psychiatrist) I've seen over the years, has defined the thinking patterns and behaviours like you have! Having watched the videos on the Panic Pit Stop, I could now clearly (for the first time in decades) identify my problem as being anxiety. I'm surprised that what research has shown so far, that the ER medics don't diagnose a panic/attack when all the vital organs and blood work check out normal. I am so relieved that you are showing me how to take the next steps. "

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Lynne Watts


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Join the community and get The Faulty Thinking e-book free. 

Learn how your brain tricks you into thinking and doing all sorts of crazy stuff. You won't believe it.