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Panic Pit Stop Program 

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I am committed to helping you as much as I can. Please leave comments and even ask questions. I will do my best to answer you.

Panic Pit Stop is a program of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy structured over 6 modules. Each module provides you with enough activity to keep you focused on the journey out of panic and anxiety.  Panic Pit Stop also includes many additional tools and resources you can download and keep forever. These resources can form part of your home resource library. 

As you use Panic Pit Stop you will develop a unique and individualized Recovery Road map that tells you what caused the problem, that tells you what keeps the problem in place and then tells you what you need to do to delete the problem of panic and anxiety forever.

Take this opportunity to change your life for the better. Delete panic and lose anxiety. Imagine how good that will feel. It is perfectly doable it just needs a little bit of your time and attention.

I want you to flourish.

so I am giving you a massive bonus bundle that will complete the whole process of helping you to feel great again.

When already have the Panic Pit Stop workbook. This is yours to keep and use.

Make Worry History

Now I want you to have the Make Worry History Course (value £29.99) but FREE for you. As you know worry is a huge part or panic and anxiety. So I want you to have this great set of tools, that are effective, easy to use and will genuinely stop you from worrying anymore.

Stop Overthinking 7 Day Challenge

The Stop Overthinking 7 Day Challenge is a great short course that tackles the twin problems of catastrophising and ruminating. You know from experience that your mind can take you to really dark and frightening places. This short course (value £29.99) FREE for you is powerful and focused. 

Insights From The Clinic

Dr Purves has unraveled some of the thorny problems that bite us and then come back to bite us again. This course is FREE for you.

  • Such as, why you fail to learn from experience but keep having he same problems over and over again.
  • Do you know that anxiety is a mistake?
  • Are you following rules that make life harder than it should be?
  • Can you see how damaging it is to compare yourself to imaginary other people?

All of these additional courses complete the tool set for good mental health. We call it the Motivated Mental Health Tool Set.

When you join today you will find these additional bonus programs and courses in your personal library. They are all free to you and remain with you for as long as you remain subscribed.



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