DrPurves.online is the place for Active Self Help videos, tools and resources created by Dr Purves. Many are free for you to use. Simply join to get access to a world of life changing tools. There are real solutions to psychological problems.

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If you want to feel better I can show you exactly what to do

The Panic Pit Stop App

The Panic Pit Stop App is FREE! It starts you out of the path out of panic and the worry and anxiety it grows in.

The Panic Pit Stop Course

If you really want to delete panic and anxiety from your life then use the Panic Pit Stop Course. The first week is FREE so you can check it out. Unsubscribe at any time. With over 100 videos and other resources it is the tool to use if you are serious about being panic and anxiety free.

Let go of worry

A FREE video tools series that shows you exactly how to delete worry from your life. 

The Mindfulness Journey

An audio and video series that helps you bring Mindfulness into your life. A resource you can use every day.


If you have a map and you know how to read it you cannot be lost. You may not be where you want to be...but you only have to make the journey.


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